As 2018 draws to a close, our teams are celebrating a successful year. The dry summer created additional challenges but we worked hard to set the farm up for Harvest 2019. Over 4,000 acres have been drilled, and winter crops are now successfully established. The arable ground is based around a wide rotation of crops. These include winter wheat and cover crops, which enhance crop production, spread business risk and boost biodiversity.


Why Cover Crops?


The introduction of cover crops to the rotation 5 years ago displays our passion for environmentally-responsible farming. The crops provide a valuable habitat for wildlife, improves local water quality and provide over-winter fodder for sheep. Cover crops will be followed by a Spring planted crop, to be harvested in the second half of 2019. We typically plant barley for the brewing industry, quality milling oats or sugar beet.

Hard Work and Harvest


Whilst talk has already moved to Harvest 2019, we are still finishing 2018. The final crop of sugar beet is still yet to be harvested as the prolonged dry months have really held the crop back. Only now are we seeing rapid crop growth following the recent rain! The crop is destined for an Anaerobic Digester (AD). This produces 4 products; electricity, gas, fertiliser and CO2. The balance of growing crops for food and sustainable energy is considered a valuable part of the business.

In addition to our crop production, poultry has been busy this year across all sites, especially turkey as we prepare for the seasonal break. We also took time out to thank our valued team for their hard work this harvest with an end of season BBQ last month.


Updates and Upgrades


As the field work begins to slow down, we now look to complete general farm maintenance. The winter months give staff a chance to service machinery ready for the spring and improve operations for next year. It also allows us to complete tasks such as cutting overgrown hedges, clearing fallen timber, track maintenance and other jobs to maintain the general appearance of the estate. Following the full conversion to soft fruit table top growing at Ross-on-Wye, our focus now shifts to the upgrading our worker accommodation.

For more information about the farming divisions at EC Drummond please call our Head Office 01989 764328 or email us: hello@ecdrummond.co.uk


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European funding for Reservoir and Rainwater Harvesting

European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development for the building of a reservoir under the RPA’s Countryside Productivity Scheme