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We specialise in growing high quality Strawberries for the Major Supermarkets.


We grow a number of different varieties of strawberries to ensure that we produce high quality and flavour throughout the season.  Starting in Mid april with crops that are grown under glass, we then move onto our main crops grown under polytunnels from the end of April through to early November.


All of our fruit is hand picked direct into punnets then taken to our on farm packhouse where it undertakes rapid cooling to maintain the maximum fruit quality.

Our packing lines and weighing scales are fully automated enabling packing line staff to quality check, weigh, seal and label fruit efficiently for same day dispatch to supermarkets.

The packhouse can process in excess of 4,500 punnets per hour and over 2000 tons of soft fruit a season.  We also pack and distribute our cherries from the packhouse.

We have a fully BRC accredited packhouse for our soft fruit operation.

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E.C Drummond is at its heart, and always has been, a family business.

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