Arable Farming

We have 2 bases for our arable farming operation, Homme Farm, Ross on Wye and also Wootton St Lawrence in Hampshire.


Homme Farm

We grow arable crops across approx. 1000ha. This includes our own farm and various others that we manage or rent under differing agreements. The main crop within this is Potatoes and we specialise in growing chipping varieties either on contract for the major processors or through other outlets for the chip shop trade.

We also grow other combinable crops like Wheat, Barley, and Oilseed Rape. The arable farm also undertakes the establishment tasks for the soft fruit enterprises.



We specialise in growing combinable and energy crops over approximately 2,200 hectares across three different estates of varying soil type. The variety of soil types we farm in Hampshire enable us to grow a variety of different crops across a wide rotation to boost biodiversity whilst maintaining yields and maximising returns to the land owner. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to boost returns both in field operations and also through management processes.

The farm operates the very latest machinery to achieve timeliness across the large farmed area to ensure that crops reach their greatest yield potential. The farming operation currently centres around a strip tillage system to improve soil conditions whilst also reducing fixed costs. To ensure flexibility around the different crops we also operate both plough-based and minimum-tillage systems to provide us options in all conditions. The farm has also made the decision to move to liquid fertiliser across all three estates in an attempt to improve efficiency and accuracy across the 36m tramlines. All equipment uses RTK guidance systems to maximise productivity of both machinery and labour.

Machinery & Equipment:

  • New Holland CR 9.80 with 10.5m Vari-feed header
  • New Holland CR 9080 with 9m Vari-feed header & 6m Stripper Header
  • MF 8737
  • MF 7720 (x 3)
  • JCB 541-70 (x 2)
  • Claydon 6m Hybrid Drill with liquid fertiliser + slug pellets
  • Horsch CO6
  • Kverneland Monopill S
  • Kockerling Vector 6.2m
  • Vaderstad Carrier 650
  • Simba Flatliner 500
  • Twose 12.4m rollers
  • Kuhn Axis 40.1 EMC
  • Horsch Leeb 6GS trailer sprayer
  • Horstine TMA 4


One of the farms is involved in both Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) and Countryside Stewardship Schemes (CSS). The HLS scheme provides complex environmental management to achieve a wide range of benefits over a 10-year period. The Mid-Tier CSS provides simple yet effective environmental management across the whole farm by targeting biodiversity, water quality and historical features.


Farming Partnerships

E C Drummond provides land owners and farming clients with the very highest level of farm management.

Firmly focused on profit E C Drummond range of services allow landowners and tenants to retain the ownership of their farming assets while enjoying a secure income. A broad range of farm management agreements are available for both parties to work within.
We aim to use the latest technologies available in the different sectors we operate in to aid are management decisions and increase margins.
We are always looking for new opportunities in all sectors involved in agriculture whether it be livestock, arable, or fruit production we would be very interested in discussing collaborative partnerships wherever the location.
• Farm Business Tenancies
• Contract supply of labour and machinery with profit incentives
• Management with or without equity and profit incentives
• Agreements can be tailored to individual requirements.

Whilst farming it in a manner that we are proud of, we aim to tailor requirements around the land owner.

Our Divisions

E. C Drummond is a diverse and dynamic agricultural business. Because of its diversity, the business is structured into three operating divisions:

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E.C Drummond is at its heart, and always has been, a family business.

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