As the first official month of Autumn, September has seen our staff as busy as ever with harvest across 10,000 hectares of farmland. The E C Drummond farm is split three ways between arable, soft fruit and poultry, and arable definitely takes centre stage each Autumn. Our Hampshire and Herefordshire farms grow wheat, barley and oilseed rape alongside our first-class potatoes. Typical British weather has hit many arable crops hard, however, our harvesting team have worked tirelessly to protect and bring in the best crop yield we possibly can.

Hands-on harvest


Harvest is one of the busiest periods in the arable farming calendar, and the race is on to get our harvesters out and our premium crops in before the weather turns. With national retailers relying upon our crops, we have to work effectively and efficiently to meet the customer demand without compromising quality. Drawing on generations of experience, our Farm Managers lead a vast team to help make each and every harvest as productive as possible.

Tractors ploughing at harvest


New season, new schedule


At E C Drummond, we have been farming for over half a century, and our extensive experience means that we know that we need to be prepared for every eventuality. As the seasons change so too does the schedule on the farm. We are always thinking ahead to the next crop and our Autumn strawberries are already taking shape. This current crop is thriving in our well-equipped glass houses and we hope for another successful harvest this season. To join the growing number of national brands that enjoy our produce, contact our Head Office on 01989 764328 or email us: hello@ecdrummond.co.uk


In other news


Elsewhere on the farm, our seasonal worker accommodation is also enjoying a facelift as we make improvements to the living quarters across the campsite. We have an incredible seasonal workforce who become the backbone of farm life during the busy harvest periods, and we strive to ensure that their time with us is as comfortable as possible.



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European funding for Reservoir and Rainwater Harvesting

European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development for the building of a reservoir under the RPA’s Countryside Productivity Scheme