Living on the Farm



We can accommodate up to 300 employees in mobile homes on two campsites on the farm. While you will share a mobile home with other men and women, your bedroom will be separate. We expect you to buy, prepare and cook your own meals including making sandwiches etc. and drinks to be eaten and drunk during work. Each mobile home has a kitchen which is equipped with a cooker, refrigerator, freezer compartment and a sink. All cooking and eating utensils are provided. Showers, washing facilities and washing machines are also provided.


Leisure facilities are provided. Each campsite has Broadband Internet access, a TV set, and a football pitch.  Purpose built BBQs are also available.

On occasion we will organise trips to local towns or tourist attractions.

There is good public transport to nearby towns where there are swimming pools, libraries and gymnasiums. The local pubs are also a good meeting place and many offer excellent meals.


Homme Farm is located about 2 miles (3.2 km) from Ross-on-Wye. It takes about 35-45 minutes to walk to Ross.

By taxi it takes 5 minutes at a cost of between £5-£6.

There are several supermarkets and shops, a chemist, a post office, library, banks and pubs.

In Ross there is a swimming pool, a gym, tennis courts, pool club.

If you would like to visit larger cities such as Hereford or Gloucester there are buses running throughout the day.

From Hereford/Gloucester buses and trains are available to travel to the rest of the UK.

If you have any health problems or you need an appointment to see a doctor or dentist please go to see the campsite manager and he will organise it for you immediately. In case of emergency please call 999.

There is no public telephone on the farm and the nearest phone box is in Ross town centre.

What to bring

Below is a list of some essential items that you should consider bringing with you to make your stay with us a happy and comfortable one:


  • Warm sleeping bag
    British nights can be cold.
    Clothing and footwear suitable for the seasons you plan to be in the UK. See above – don’t forget clothing and footwear for work (wet weather gear and Wellingtons are advisable).
  • Towel and wash bag
  • Passport and visa (for some nationals)
    You are advised to take 2 photocopies of your passport (the page showing the passport number and your personal details) and to leave one copy with your next of kin and have the other with you (kept separately from your passport). This is in case your passport is lost or stolen and will be helpful when getting it replaced.
  • UK Visa or SWP workcard (if applicable) – We can only employ workers with the right to work in the UK.
  • ID Card – identification of which should be a national identity card.
  • Money – approx £150 to £200.
  • Full details of insurance (in English Language) including the emergency contact number and the full name and address of the company providing this insurance.
  • Driving licence. An International Driving Licence is useful particularly for drivers whose licence is printed in a non-European alphabet or is not valid in the UK. It is not possible for overseas nationals to obtain an International Licence in the UK – you must do this at home.
  • Driving Licence Proof of endorsement i.e minibus licence etc (if applicable)
  • Photographs of people and places of home that are special to you can help ease homesickness and make you feel more at home.
  • Books, posters, CDs, tapes etc.
  • Make sure you can carry your own luggage for up to 500 meters. You may have to do this!
  • Your carry-on/hand luggage should include enough personal articles to last for your first night in the UK (clean underwear, warm jacket, toothbrush, and medication etc). This is just in case your luggage is delayed in transit.
  • DON’T pack fresh food. HM Customs at the port of entry may confiscate/remove it. Make sure your luggage is clearly labelled in English with your name and the office telephone number of the farm you are travelling to.
  • English – Your language dictionary to help you when travelling.

Contact us

  • Your information is incredibly important to us, we do not share details and guarantee your privacy. Please feel free to browse our Privacy Policy.

E.C Drummond is at its heart, and always has been, a family business.

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 Fax: 01989 763576

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European funding for Reservoir and Rainwater Harvesting

European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development for the building of a reservoir under the RPA’s Countryside Productivity Scheme