When and how will I find out if I have a job

Your application is processed through our labour suppliers and they will advise as to your start date. If you have any questions about your start date please do not hesitate to contact the farm

Can I apply with a friend, partner or spouse?

Yes, you can, there is an option to inform our labour providers that you wish to apply to our farm with a friend, partner or spouse. You may also wish to come as a group.

If you are successful we will try our best to arrange your arrival dates together.  However, this will depend on us being able to accommodate your request.

Can I work if I am under the age of 18?
No, you will need to be over 18 to live and work residentially at any EC Drummond Farm.
Do I need to have any previous experience in this kind of work?
No. It would be an advantage, but we have had many workers that have never worked in this area before.  Our requirement is that you must be physically able to do the job, enthusiastic and prepared to work hard. We will provide you with an induction, training and support.
Do I have to pay to come to the farm?

No, but it is your responsibility to make your own way to the UK (flight costs etc.) We do NOT charge any fees. You should not have to pay someone any money to give you or find you work. If you have any concerns regarding being charged, please speak to the HR Manager at the farm or email hrsupport@ecdrummond.co.uk (in confidence) or your labour provider.  For more information about the exploitation of migrant workers, please visit the Stronger Together Website http://stronger2gether.org/workers

Do I need to be able to speak English to work at EC Drummond Farms?

No, we have a number of Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian & Russian speaking staff working for us. There are also a number of workers on site that will help you, should you need any assistance. We also have other nationalities who have good English language skills that can assist.

When do I need to arrive and how will I get to the farm?

Your arrival date will be confirmed through the labour providers who will advise us of your arrival.  Please arrive at the farm BETWEEN 7AM and 8PM! This is to ensure we have someone to meet you and show you to your accommodation. If you are running late please call us or the labour provider you have come with.

You will need to book a coach from the airport / train station to Ross on Wye (National Express provide coaches – www.nationalexpress.com)

DEPART: Victoria Coach Station (London)

ARRIVE: Ross on Wye

We will collect you from Ross on Wye bus station IF YOU NOTIFY US 48 HRS IN ADVANCE with YOUR DATE AND TIME OF ARRIVAL.

Please call 07968 514618 or EMAIL: campsite@ecdrummond.co.uk  If not, taxis are available from Ross-on -Wye (approx £6 one way).

Where is the nearest airport?

Birmingham- 1.5 hour

Cardiff – 1.5 hour

Bristol – 1.5 hour

London Stansted – 3.5 – 4 hours

London Luton – 2.5 – 3 hours

Can I bring my car to the farm?
Not normally, however there is a possibility and only with the permission of the Operations Manager before you arrive on site.  We have limited car parking spaces.
Will I be greeted by anyone when I arrive at the farms?

Yes, as long as you arrive during the above specified times one of our Facilities Supervisor will meet you and provide you with welcome information, including where you will be staying, location of important facilities and induction details.

Can I work for more than one season at EC Drummond?

Yes, before you leave the farm you will complete a returnee form with the Facilities Supervisor where you are able to say that you would like to return next season. However, no guarantees are made and any selected returnee offers will be based upon your performance, disciplinary records and requirement.

I don’t have a National Insurance (NI) number does this mean I am unable to work

No, we will assist you in obtaining a National Insurance number when you are with us.

Do I need to have a UK bank account?

No, we will help you set up a prepaid card, which your wages can be paid onto. The card does contain charges for some types of withdrawal, however this will be explained in the induction. You will be able to use this card in most shops and establishments both in the UK and at home.

Will I get any time off?

Yes, we always aim to give people at least one day off per week for you to have some time to yourself or with your friends.

Are there any social activities?

Yes, there are. We undertake football competitions through the summer and have table tennis and pool table in our welfare rooms.

Where can I shop?

Ross on Wye has many shops to be able to obtain what you need. Larger cities like Hereford and Gloucester are within a bus ride.

However, we will provide a weekly minibus trip to Ross on Wye for you to shop.  The farm is approximately 1.5 miles from Ross on Wye.

Who will make my food?

All workers are expected to prepare and cook their own meals, including lunch and drinks, while at work.

We also arrange for a caterer to come on site as required to provide cooked meals for a small fee.  Generally, they will either be Romanian and Bulgarian dishes.

Are the campsites and caravans secure?

Each Static Caravan is lockable, however you will be responsible for your own valuables, so please ensure you lock up your caravan and valuables at all times.

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