Our Surroundings

Our Surroundings


Committed to look after the land and its ecosystem.

We are located in a beautiful part of Herefordshire and we are determined to ensure that our farming practices enhance the landscape and wildlife value of the countryside of the Wye Valley around us.

E.C Drummond is a member of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), an organisation that encourages responsible farming practices and measures our performance against key criteria . In addition we regularly use the services of FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Action Group) to assist us when making decisions.


We have an Integrated Farm Management Action Plan that aims to manage habitats so they fulfil their wildlife potential, within the constraints of the business. We aim to increase the over-wintering habitat for beneficial predatory insects and spiders by managing margins/tracks. We are planning on establishing a pollen and nectar habitat area and to create a wildlife register of flora and fauna present on the farm.

Recycling and Materials re-use

As a responsible business we take steps to avoid the creation of waste. Waste is not only a drain on natural resources but also a cost to our business. Wherever possible waste is recycled. Our aim is not to send any business waste to landfill.


It is our policy to minimise the use of water by actively monitoring amount of water being applied. We have an irrigation water leakage procedure in place to ensure that water is not wasted from leaks on the farm.

Rational Use of Plant Protection Products

It makes environmental and business sense to work with nature and avoid the expense of such treatments. It is our policy to minimise the use of pesticides given the continuity and quality constraints imposed by our consumers.

Rational Use of Fertilisers and Manures

It is our policy to utilise all nutritional inputs responsibly given the quality requirement of the consumer. We have a soil analysis programme for each soil type in place, to ensure that our crop regime is sufficient, and not excessive and to monitor the soil pH.

Our Divisions

E. C Drummond is a diverse and dynamic agricultural business. Because of its diversity, the business is structured into three operating divisions:

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